Engineering Management

Concept, Basic Design, Transition Design, Initial Design
Hull/Topside 3D Modeling, Production Information Package
Since beginning, our purpose is to create success for everyone who comes in contact with MOST Engineering Management Team, whether they are a team member, business partner or customer.
We strongly believe in TEAM-WORK, being a key element to provide high quality service to our customers. We regularly develop team's know-how skills by providing specialized training.

Concept/Basic Design

Concept Design

  • Preliminary Technical Specification & General Arrangement
  • Hull/Topside form development; considering statutory freeboard requirements and hydrostatics
  • Maker’s List, Preliminary Weight Analysis/Propulsion Powering
  • Electrical Power Balance
  • Preliminary Cost Estimate Report, Dimension Optimization

Basic Design

  • Early Design rapid 3D modeling, General arrangement & technical specifications
  • Hull/Topside form & Lines fairing, Propulsion powering & Sea keeping analysis
  • Structural drawings and class approval, Scantling and strength calculation
  • Tonnage & Freeboard Plan, Intact & Damage Stability Booklet
  • E&I, Piping, Machinery system Design

Transition Design

  • Basic Design Information Analysis
  • Block division, Building strategy and outfitting planning
  • Transitional design co-ordination drawing creation and related updates with the help of additional structural integration
  • Space management with equipment, integration
  • Documents for procurement planning & execution
Detail Design

Initial Design

  • Hull surface & lines production fairing
  • Appendage surface using Boolean function
  • Project setup and production standard configuration
  • Integration of Early design 3D model & integration
  • Catalogue Specification for piping/Structures

Hull/Topside 3D Modeling

  • Structural modeling of plates, stiffening members, developable shell plates, profiles equipment, machinery foundations
  • Outfitting Modeling of equipment models, pipe, HVAC, cable tray, ladder, railing, walkway structures, accommodation components, pipe, cable-ways supports
Production Information Package
Using a well detailed 3D model, we produce production information packages, which cover:

For Hull/Topside-structure components

components part nesting with NC codes, profiles cuttings & bending plots, assembly sequence & production drawings, bill of materials, weight & COG, bending templates & pin-jigs

For Piping and HVAC components

pipe Isometrics/spool sketch and bending programs, HVAC spool sketch and layout plan, pipe support layout, material take-off, assembly drawings for complex manifolds and penetrations plan

For equipment machinery & Electrical components

equipment installation layout, machinery foundation assembly drawings & cutting programs, cable connection diagrams & installation layout with material take-off, standard & non-standard cable tray drawings, cable tray support layout